The Beer Growth Initiative (BGI)

The Beer Growth Initiative (BGI) is bringing together leaders in the beer industry, including brewers, beer distributors, and trade associations to grow the beer category. As a part of the BGI, NBWA has developed customized resources for distributors. With these beer-first sell sheets and educational videos, you and your team will be prepared to make beer top-of-mind for every occasion.

Beer First Initiative

Brought to you by the NBWA, the Beer First initiative is centered on growing the beer category and stemming spirits and wine market share momentum. Guided by a leadership team of distributors, representing a cross section of the country, chain & independent markets, and major supplier networks, the Beer First Initiative is creating a series of tools for all distributors to use.

The toolkit – accessible through the button below – will help distributors present “Why Beer?” to on and off-premise customers, showing them that beer is a valuable category that brings consumers to their outlets and generates lift, velocity and profits.

Beers to That Initiative

#BeersToThat was designed to holistically support the industry. With reach. With relevance. And within new audiences. Targeting a more female-skewed, occasional beer drinker between the ages of 21 and 29, our movement is nimble enough to tap into lifestyle messaging and unexpected beer moments that live beyond, but always in conjunction with individual brand-led initiatives. While always additive to our brands, we’re focused solely on identifying and inspiring incremental consumption moments.